Olay Total Effects Day Cream – Savvy Circle project

I was recently very pleased to receive a package from the Savvy Circle containing a starter kit for their ‘Olay Total Effects’ project. I have enjoyed testing this product over the last few weeks.

Olay Total Effects Day Cream

Included in my starter kit:

  • 1 x Olay Total Effects Day Cream 50ml
  • A Savvy Circle insider’s guide full of handy hints and tips
  • 10 x Olay Total Effects Day Cream 7ml samples
  • 10 x Olay money-off vouchers, redeemable at Superdrug.
  • ‘Ask your friends’ product research sheets

The idea behind this project is to: test the Total Effects Day Cream, hand out the samples and coupons, spread the word and gather other people’s opinions on the product.

After using the product for a couple of weeks I have noted that the appearance of my skin has improved – it looks a lot brighter and, whilst my fine lines have not disappeared, it does look smoother. An adequate amount of the cream dispenses from the pump bottle, which looks quite classy with its black and gold colours; it absorbs into my skin very easily.

My friends have reported that they also like the cream. One person commented that at first they thought it might irritate their sensitive skin due to the light fragrance, but quickly noted that it did not upset her skin at all. Another friend stated that her dry skin felt much softer after trying a couple of the samples.

My only disappointment with this project is a rather far-fetched claim that 8% of women have good skin in their DNA and that the remaining 92% can achieve skin “that can look and behave like the other 8%” by using Olay’s products. That is a tall order, and I am not convinced that it can realistically be achieved with a bottle of face cream costing around £15.

Overall, I have enjoyed taking part in the project and would recommend this product to those looking for an efficient face cream that does not hurt the pocket too much.

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