Boots Volunteer Panel – Product testing

What is the Boots Volunteer Panel?

A testing panel for Boots’ own brand products, the idea behind it is to help the company test and develop their products before they go on sale. The safety of the products is assessed before they are sent to panellists.

What type of products are available to test?

The products comprise of skin care, cosmetics, sun care and toiletries. It is worth noting that the trials include Soltan, Soap & Glory, Botanics and Champneys products as they are manufactured by Boots. So far, I have taken part in trials for eyeliner, foundation, eye pads and night cream amongst many other products.

What does product testing for the Boots Volunteer Panel involve?

You will be asked to use the product in place of your usual one, usually for a set time period. The products arrive in plain packaging, so panellists are able to form an unbiased opinion on them whilst taking part in the trial. After a period of 6 months Boots will divulge the details of the product by email, if requested.

How will I know when products are available to test?

The company will email questionnaires to the panellists who fit the criteria for the trial. These questionnaires serve to screen out unsuitable candidates and can sometimes be a bit lengthy. The trials are allocated on a first come first served basis, so it pays to be quick. Boots will email successful panellists and the products arrive in the post a few days later.

Is it worth it?

Yes. It is nice to try a new product out and have the chance to give feedback in the product development stage. Don’t expect a large quantity of items though, as trials are not very frequent. I usually receive 2-3 products a year.

How do I join?

Apply to join here. At the time of writing, registration is closed – it is, however, worth checking the page periodically.

Anything else I need to know?

The company also recruits people to partake in sessions at their evaluation centre in Nottingham. These trials are worth joining if you live nearby as Boots pay up to £125 per session. Further information can be found here.

Boots also have a review panel for other branded products that are sold in Boots. See my write up here.