Clicks Research – Product Testing

What type of products are available to test?

The trials are mainly of cosmetic products, which are usually manufactured by premium brands. Most of the products either arrive in plain packaging or with defaced labels so the testers are able to form an unbiased opinion on the product being trialled. I have received some lovely as well as unusual beauty products from Clicks Research over the years, including hair serums, nail treatments and body wraps.

Clicks Research Product Tests
Clicks Research Product Tests

What does product testing for Clicks Research involve?

You will need to test the product according to instructions and fill out a couple of short questionnaires relating to the trial. It is important to make a note of the day you receive the product. This is because the Company asks for this information when you complete the first questionnaire. It is also worth keeping a note in your diary as to when the next part of the questionnaire is due as Clicks Research does not email panellists in advance.

How will I know when products are available to test?

When a new product becomes available, Clicks Research emails panellists trial information and a short questionnaire to apply for the trial. These trials fill up incredibly quickly and you need to respond within minutes to secure a place. Therefore, it is a good idea to use an email address that you check regularly.

Is it worth it?

Definitely! The products are high quality and the questionnaires are short, most take 2-3 minutes to complete and you get to keep the products afterwards. There are also opportunities to complete surveys and earn points which can be exchanged for cash.

How do I join?

Click here. There is a lengthy profile questionnaire when you join. This enables the Company to tailor trials according to your skin, hair and body types as well as your demographic profile. It is worth completing and keeping it updated in order to receive more trial invites.

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