The Insiders – Product Testing

What is The Insiders?

The Insiders is an influencer marketing network that relies on ‘word of mouth’ to review and promote products.

What type of products are available to test?

The products vary a lot, and they can be almost anything from a mobile phone to a case of soft drinks. Previous campaigns have featured brands including HP, Neutrogena, Samsung, Gillette, and Purina amongst many others.

The Insiders Product Campaign
The Insiders Product Campaign

What does product testing for The Insiders involve?

The products need to be tested according to instructions provided. After a few days the company will send an email detailing the tasks that need to be completed. These tasks can include writing reviews, posting on social media and leaving comments on the website. Finally there is an ‘end survey’ to fill in.

How will I know when products are available to test?

The Insiders emails panellists when a new campaign becomes available. Current trials are also listed in the ‘Campaigns’ section of the website. When you join a new trial there is a rather lengthy questionnaire to complete. This can be a bit annoying as many of the questions have already been answered in your profile when you register.

If you are selected, you will receive an email and your product will be in the post shortly afterwards.

Is it worth it?

Overall, yes. The trials can be fun to complete and don’t take up too much time. The Insiders also run competitions within their campaigns and panellists are eligible to receive rewards for best social media posts or best reviews.

Some of the more expensive products have to be paid for or returned to The Insiders. Personally, I don’t take part in these trials as in my view the incentive to do the trials is getting a free product.

How do I join?

Register here. After entering your personal details, there is an option to link your Facebook account followed by three short questionnaires about your demographics and online/offline activities.

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