Delayed Sleep and eBay

This week I thought I would explain that one of my reasons for becoming a freelancer is that I am a bit of a night owl. This started at a very young age and has continued well into adulthood. Every night, without fail I get a surge of energy – no matter how tired I am. Falling asleep with this surge is an absolute nightmare and early mornings have always been a struggle. A few years ago I was diagnosed with ‘Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome’, it is essentially a fault with the body’s circadian rhythm. There are various treatments including melatonin supplements and bright light therapy, but none have really worked for me, so I just work around it. My sleep pattern most days is roughly 1am to 9am, which is a lot better than it used to be and my work fits around this easily.

Diary of a freelancer

It also works to my advantage sometimes. If I get a request to do a translation in the evening and there is nothing much happening – more often than not, I will jump up and do it immediately as this is the time of day when my energy levels are their highest and when my best work gets done. An example of this came about last week, when I was contacted at 9pm to translate a legal document and the client wanted it back by 9am, as it was only 1084 words, I was able to do it there and then and charge accordingly as the work was completed ‘out of hours’.

Other than my translations, I have managed to list a few items on eBay after a temporary pause whilst I was convalescing and unable to get to the post office. This is my third biggest source of income after my translation work and matched betting so I am going to enjoy seeing that money rolling back in!

I still need to sort out my social media, will try to find time this week…

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