• I got the email too – I had a look at their site last night but they haven’t changed their name yet. Here’s hoping they keep the same standards!

  1. The follow/unfollow game is infuriating. It happens on twitter too (I’m not on Instagram but my husband is and tracks unfollowers there too). People are more interested in having lots of followers than using social media to be social 😣

    Hope your blog works out for you. Mine also hasn’t made a penny but it would probaby help if I signed up to an affiliate programme.

  2. I am with you on the follow/unfollow game. It’s incredibly frustrating especially as a new blogger. Instagram is definitely the worst social media site for this. It’s made me not worry about IG too much and focus more on Twitter and Pinterest. Good luck with you blog! I’m sure it will turn fruitful soon!

    • Jo

      Hi! Thanks for your comments. I totally agree that Instagram is the worst for it – I seem to lose a couple of followers a day at the moment!

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  4. Oh I absolutely HATE the follow/unfollow game, it’s so irritating – and so transparent! Keep doing your own thing and the people who matter will follow you naturally x

  5. I started using Kloudhost this year and so far so good, but as you say, it’s an expensive game to host a blog when not earning from it. As Anne mention I’ve also had that email, but not noticed any changes yet (fingers crossed nothing changes for us with the company take over). It’s great your plan includes an add-on, I don’t think mine does. When do you think you’ll set up the translation-related site? And congrats on finishing the other project for the Germany agency! As for the whole follow/unfollow thing, I really don’t get it either, seems so petty and stupid! I don’t get involved in that side of things, don’t want to know about it because it irks me too.
    It’s horribly rainy and freezing cold here today (though my body is often telling me I’m cold when everyone around me is in t-shirts while I’m in several jumpers!) Wish the summer would come back and hang around a little longer…

    • Jo

      Yes – fingers crossed for Kloudhost staying the same! They have been so good at replying to my silly questions. you probably do have the add-on in your plan – I only have the cheapest monthly sub and the add-on bit is not that obvious.

      Am hoping to launch the site next week, but am struggling with naming it at the moment. Yeah, I am not going to waste too much energy on the follow/unfollow people – but I will be damned if I will allow them to use me for their gain! 🙂

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