Back to work, Korean food & Pinterest

I had a very busy week last week, which was great, as I am now almost fully recovered from my hip replacement and finally in a position where I am able to make some proper money! So I took on a decent sized project and got stuck in, occasionally taking a break to wrap and send items sold on eBay – it’s nice to be able to walk again and take these parcels to the post office myself.

There are a total of three building sites across the road from us at the moment so it is quite noisy in the flat at the moment. This can be very distracting when I am trying to concentrate so am dealing with it by wearing earplugs all day, it is a bit difficult to get them out quickly when the intercom goes but at least some work is getting done. Am hoping that the builders are taking advantage of the good weather and that they will be gone by the end of summer – not sure it works like that though!

Some of the food on offer at Bullgogi

To celebrate the end of the week, we bought a takeaway from Bullgogi, a new Korean ‘urban dining’ restaurant that has opened in our area. So, far I love all their food, so am happy that they decided to open a branch nearby – it’s just nice to have something different that is fresh and reasonably healthy. If you are ever in Notting Hill Gate I would recommend that you give this place a go.

After much gabbling about it, I have finally got around to sorting out my Pinterest account. Have now ’created pins’ for the images that are already on this website – at first I was not saving them properly as I didn’t realise that it was necessary to also create a ‘board’, but soon got the hang of it. There is a nice touch where the header image is an automatically created collage which updates itself as new pins are added. Now I really must remember to ‘pin’ my images when publishing future blog posts! Recently, I read on twitter that Pinterest is a very good way to drive traffic to a blog – let’s see. Another blogger kindly pointed me towards Snapchat last week, so that is the next social media mission.

Until next week!

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