Convalescence and a new direction.

After trying out a few ideas, I have decided to focus this blog around my experiences of working from home and my lifestyle, and start my ‘diary of a freelancer’. Am not really sure whether this will work or not – but am giving it a shot anyway. The aim is to and write a new post every week, and be consistent, so that readers know when to look out for an update. Occasionally there might be a post on how to make money online, as I do a lot of this in my spare time just to increase my income.

Diary of a freelancer

I have spent the last few weeks recovering from hip replacement surgery and the doctors’ orders were to get as much rest as possible – no bending, no lifting, no housework (hooray!) So, as well as giving me time to reflect and re-think my blog, it has also been an opportunity to clear out my inbox, catch up on accounts and sort through paperwork. I hoped that I would have time to categorise and edit a folder full of digital photographs, but this didn’t happen – am sure that it will, one day…

As I work from home as a translator, and on a freelance basis, it was possible to prepare for my convalescence period by completing some monster projects in the time leading up to the operation – which freed me up financially for a few weeks. I was actually a bit worried that strong painkillers would be needed, rendering me unable to work in the post op period, but luckily this did not happen and I was able to do some small projects like translating CV’s and marketing material, nothing too major as I didn’t want to potentially let any client’s down.

As well as doing these smaller projects, I also completed some money making online tasks whilst watching TV including prolific academic surveys and matched betting (see my recent post on this here).

I’m starting to feel better now and have been going out a fair bit in the last few days, which has been lovely after being housebound for a while. The highlight was a visit to the Design Museum in Kensington, London – we spent about an hour in there (it has lots of places to sit, thank goodness!) and then had a snack in Gail’s Bakery next door.

So, there we go -the first entry in to my new diary of a freelancer is complete. Till next time!


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