Household hiccups and a curt customer.

Hi! Well, last week started off a bit on the stressful side. I had a deadline on Wednesday evening and we got a gas leak on Monday morning – this was sorted very quickly though as a very charming gentleman from the National Grid came out within the hour and fixed the leak – it turned out to be a loose nut on the new boiler. On Tuesday, the internet was not working, which is a bit problematic for my job as a translator as I need to be able to look up things like industry specific jargon or abbreviations. I also consult dictionaries online, double check grammar and sometimes even look up colloquial terms. Of course, the internet is also essential in order to receive and submit projects. Luckily, my partner works in IT so was able to sort it out that evening when he got home from work.

Diary of a freelancer

I also had a difficult customer on eBay. Shortly after making a purchase on a £50 item, I received a very curt message from him asking me when the item is going to be sent. After my reply stating that it would be posted that day, he messaged me again demanding that I did not waste money sending it with tracked delivery and that normal first class postage will do. This immediately rang alarm bells so I had a look at his feedback and my heart sank. It seems that he has been having trouble with his purchases, from not receiving items to losing cases for items ‘not as described’ – it’s amazing what you can learn from the ‘feedback left for others’ section!

Given all this, I decided to do something I have never done before and cancelled the sale. Luckily it was on a ‘spare’ eBay account that is only used for selling second hand items, so if he does leave me negative feedback it won’t affect the main selling account. Not happened yet though, so this makes me think he has simply moved on to his next victim. Sad, really.

At the weekend, we enjoyed a nice lunch with friends, otherwise just relaxed in the flat.

That’s all from me next until week!

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