Short projects and getting to grips with social media.

As I am still convalescing after my operation (see last week’s post) and don’t feel ready to go back to working full time yet, I have been taking on some small projects to keep me going.  Most of this work has been translating CV’s, which are not my favourite thing to work with as they tend to have a lot of jargon and job descriptions are often unclear, so it can take a while to work out what it is the candidate is trying to convey. But as most of these projects contain less than 1500 words, I can turn them around quickly. You may be interested to know that 90% of the CV’s I translate at some point mention that the candidate is fluent in English!??

As the summer holiday is in full swing now, many translators are taking time off. As a result, a few agencies that I have not worked with before have contacted me requesting quotes for projects with very short deadlines and then disappeared into thin air. My rates are probably higher than they were expecting – it really makes me wonder what other translators will work for!

Diary of a freelancer

Other than that, I have spent some time getting my social media accounts in order, as I realise their importance in the blogger world. On twitter, I have posted quite a few tweets and made more of an effort to read and comment on the posts in my feed – this has led to a few interactions with other bloggers, which has been nice and I have learnt quite a lot about social media and blogging too. Have also put some photos on Instagram – I think I will use it mainly to post photos of restaurant meals or random things I see whilst out and about. With regards to Pinterest, after setting up my account a few months ago, I haven’t managed to do anything with it – so will try and look into that this week. Have gained another ‘like’ on my Facebook page but I really need to work at trying to increase my following there too.

How do you use your social media accounts? Would love to read your comments below!


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