1. Interesting read, I am part of the Quoas World mail panel, https://www.qoas.co.uk/portal but they mostly tend to deal with letters rather than parcels – easy work though! It’s cool that you get to see all the international stamps, I would love that! Quick question – do you have to tell the post office what is in the parcel? They always ask at my local branch.

    • joraffe

      Hi! I do the Quotas one too! I must admit it is my favourite as it requires the least amount of work and pays very well. I just dump the parcels in the designated parcel area. Have just read the Ipsos/UNEX guidelines and can’t finfd any info on what to tell the post office asked. I have noticed that other panelists usually write ‘training materials’ on the customs declarations forms.

  2. I used to participate in the Royal Mail surveys but had to stop as I was away from home for a while in hospital, so this has been an interesting read as I wouldn’t mind doing it! I do quite like Ipsos in general when it comes to surveys and product tests 🙂

  3. I did this for a few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. It got me out in the fresh air each day to post the letters, and the blank paper pads received in the parcels at the time were always welcomed by the local playgroup.

    • joraffe

      Hello, thanks for your comment! I know what you mean about getting you out. There have been days that the postal survey has given me reason to leave the house! 🙂

    • joraffe

      Hi Rachel,
      You are welcome. In case you didn’t know there is another one called Quotas – link in Lyndsey’s comment above 🙂

  4. satujka

    I have been participating to this postal survey for few weeks now, it’s great 🙂 How do I check my points and if I can redeem rewards? It’s hard to find any information about the point system, can you maybe shed some light to this?

      • Arie

        Maybe it depends on the country, but I live in Holland, and get 6 points for every test letter, and 30 points per package. If you perform well enough, you get a monthly bonus of 30 points as well.

        If you live near postbox or postoffice, it’s a nice way to save for some presents for yourself.

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