Alba Science – Product Testing

Alba Science is a contract research organisation that designs and conducts safety and efficacy tests of products on the consumer market. The products that are sent to the home user panel have been safety tested – the aim is to gather consumer opinions and feedback to support marketing claims.

Alba Science Product Testing
Alba Science Product Testing

What type of products are available to test?

Alba Science specialises in cosmetics and toiletry products. Most of the products arrive in plain packaging and many of them are already on the market.

What does product testing for Alba Science involve?

Panellists need to read the trial information leaflet and test the product according to the instructions. After the product has been trialled, there is a follow-up questionnaire which usually takes about 3 minutes to complete. The questionnaires consist of multiple choice questions and there is an opportunity to write feedback in your own words at the end.

How will I know when products are available to test?

The Company emails home testers a description of the trial and a questionnaire to fill in, to apply for the trial. Trials are also posted on the website. The company notifies successful candidates by email and the products arrive by post a couple of days later.

Is it worth it?

Yes. I have had an amazing variety of products to try from Alba Science. They have ranged from shampoos to eyeshadow and the trials are plentiful. I have saved a considerable amount of money by taking part in the trials as I have not needed to buy as many toiletries and cosmetics as I normally would.

How do I join?

Panellists must be aged between 18-70 years and be in general good health. There is a short questionnaire to apply on the Alba Science website. Click here.

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