Senses-club – Paid surveys & Product Testing

What is Senses-club?

Senses-club is a French company that focuses on fragrances in household products and toiletries. Its aim is to gather consumer opinions on new product concepts and ingredients. Whilst it is primarily a survey company, there are frequent product trials.

Senses-club Product Testing
Senses-club Product Testing

What are the surveys like?

The surveys consist mostly of questions about your opinion on fragrances. They used to be very lengthy and tedious but have improved considerably in the last couple of years and are rewarded quite generously with Amazon or Debenhams vouchers. Nowadays they take around 5-6 minutes to complete. There are also screening questionnaires for product tests.

What type of products are available to test?

The trials consist of testing laundry and cleaning products, as well as toiletries – these can range from shampoos to perfumes. Pretty much anything that is fragranced and used in the home is fair game with this company! In the past, I have trialled quite a few fabric conditioners and floor cleaners. The products arrive in plain, unbranded packaging.

What does product testing for Senses-club involve?

The products take a little while to arrive as they are posted from France. The Company normally ask panellists to test the product a minimum number of times and to fill in a questionnaire after the trial is complete.

How will I know when products are available to test?

Senses-club emails panellists a short product trial recruitment questionnaire. There are no points given for completing it but if you are recruited for the trial you will earn points towards an Amazon or Debenhams voucher and receive a free product to test.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is a great way to discover some new fragrances and it can be fun to participate. Also there are often extra campaigns which Senses-club invite panellists to join. Recently, for example,  I answered a few questions about our washing machine use and received two £50 payments from them for doing so. My only criticism of this company is that they seem to rely on machine translations to communicate so the emails and trial instructions are not always clear.

How do I join?

Potential panellists must be female and between the ages of 18-65. If you are lucky enough to fit this criteria, apply here. Check out my overview of other product testing companies here.


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