The Gym Kit Collection for him

Aaaah…. Summertime…. For most of us this means high days and holidays, ice cream, sunshine, etc. In this household it also means, gulp, …..birthdays. So, this means my partner and I spend a lot of time spent scratching our heads trying to work out what to buy each other and shooing away the headache that this inevitably induces. After a lot of deliberation, this year I opted for The Gym Kit Collection by Elemis.

It seemed like a good choice, given the variety of products contained in the gift set and the added bonus of a gym bag. My partner was pleased with his birthday gift and said that it did in fact contain everything he needs for the gym and that it could also be used for other outings, such as going for a weekend away.

The first thing I noticed when the box was opened was a very strong and rather nice herbal scent – which turned out to be the Aching Muscle Super Soak. I must admit that I was so curious about the bath soak that the day after I gave the Gym Kit to my partner, I ran myself a bath with it – am delighted to report that the end result was very smooth skin that smelt vaguely like eucalyptus for a good few hours afterwards and a slightly angry other half.

The Gym Kit Collection for him

The Gym Kit Collection for him by Elemis contains:

My partner says that he especially likes using the facial wash & day cream as they have improved the appearance of his skin, even after just a couple of uses. It is worth noting that the picture on the box does not represent the bag accurately as it is in fact a lot larger than it appears on the photo – it measures approx. 20 x 35 cm

It is available here.