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Olay Total Effects Day Cream – Savvy Circle project

I was recently very pleased to receive a package from the Savvy Circle containing a starter kit for their ‘Olay Total Effects’ project. I have enjoyed testing this product over the last few weeks.

Olay Total Effects Day Cream

Included in my starter kit:

  • 1 x Olay Total Effects Day Cream 50ml
  • A Savvy Circle insider’s guide full of handy hints and tips
  • 10 x Olay Total Effects Day Cream 7ml samples
  • 10 x Olay money-off vouchers, redeemable at Superdrug.
  • ‘Ask your friends’ product research sheets

The idea behind this project is to: test the Total Effects Day Cream, hand out the samples and coupons, spread the word and gather other people’s opinions on the product.

After using the product for a couple of weeks I have noted that the appearance of my skin has improved – it looks a lot brighter and, whilst my fine lines have not disappeared, it does look smoother. An adequate amount of the cream dispenses from the pump bottle, which looks quite classy with its black and gold colours; it absorbs into my skin very easily.

My friends have reported that they also like the cream. One person commented that at first they thought it might irritate their sensitive skin due to the light fragrance, but quickly noted that it did not upset her skin at all. Another friend stated that her dry skin felt much softer after trying a couple of the samples.

My only disappointment with this project is a rather far-fetched claim that 8% of women have good skin in their DNA and that the remaining 92% can achieve skin “that can look and behave like the other 8%” by using Olay’s products. That is a tall order, and I am not convinced that it can realistically be achieved with a bottle of face cream costing around £15.

Overall, I have enjoyed taking part in the project and would recommend this product to those looking for an efficient face cream that does not hurt the pocket too much.

Interested in becoming a Savvy Circle member? Apply here


Product Testing – Free products in exchange for feedback

There are many companies that offer free products to test, ranging from books to electric shavers to test in return for feedback. Since I started working from home, I have signed up to most of the product testing companies in the UK. It is always lovely to receive free products in the post and it really brightens my day up.

The amount of work required in return for the products varies enormously; whilst some companies expect you to send in videos of yourself using the product or lengthy conversation reports, others simply require you to fill in a short questionnaire. Over the years, I have weeded out those that demand what I consider to be too much effort for a freebie – two hours work for a toothpaste? No thanks! In no particular order, here is my list of the product testing companies that I believe are worth signing up to.

Alba Science: Specialises in cosmetics and toiletries and trials are frequent. I have received many products including shampoo, facial toner, night cream and lip salve from them in the past year.  They send out an email with a questionnaire in order to apply to trial the product and if you are successful it will arrive in the post a couple of days later. Most of their products arrive unbranded, in plain packaging (see my photo), and are usually premium high street brands. After the product has been trialed, there is a follow-up questionnaire which usually takes about 3 minutes to complete. Join here.

Clicks Research: Trials are mostly cosmetic and food orientated. There is a lengthy profile questionnaire on this site, but it is worth completing (and keeping updated) as they do send out some lovely beauty products, which are also usually unbranded. Once signed up, you will start to receive invites to join trials – these do fill up in a matter of minutes though, so it is best to use an email address that you check regularly. Join here.

Boots Review Panel: If you are lucky enough to be chosen for this panel you are in for a treat! They regularly send out products – ranging from £7 Lip Crayons to £200 perfumes and ask for a short review on their website in return. They send out emails before posting products and you can decline them if you wish. Sign up here.

Boots Volunteer Panel: Send out questionnaires (these can sometimes be a bit lengthy) and if you are not screened out you may get chosen to test a Boots own brand product. They also recruit people to partake in sessions at their evaluation center in Nottingham. Apply here.

Supper Savvy Me: Offers trials of Procter & Gamble products. I have found it is best to be selective with this company as there is quite a lot of work involved in the trials. Typically they require at least 3 written reports on conversations about the product, a starter, half-time and final survey, posting on their blog, uploading photos on their website, etc. Whilst this is fine for a high value product such as a hairdryer or epilator, I don’t feel it is worth it for, say, a cleaning spray and a few vouchers. Register here.

BzzAgent: This company’s trials are also worth being a bit discerning with and can include anything from chocolate to beauty products. In return for your freebie, you are expected to submit conversation reports, share posts about the product on social media, write a review, send photos, etc.  There are some great products on offer which vary in value. Apply here.

Home testing Club: Focuses on new product launches. Most of their trials are of items usually found in the supermarket. Product trials are posted on their website (although sometimes you will get an email invite). If you are accepted they will post the products out and you will subsequently receive a link to a very short questionnaire. I have tested facial wash, mayonnaise and toothpaste for them. Apply here.

Tesco Home Panels:  According to Tesco, this panel is based on your Clubcard data. They usually send out trial invitations that fill up very quickly, particularly for clothing, and follow up with a short questionnaire a couple of weeks later. Most of my trials have been clothes or shoes. I have heard many differing reports about the frequency of trials. My experience has been that for a year and half I received about 2 products a months and then the trials stopped. Tesco have told me that because there are a large number of people on the panel there are sometimes delays between trials. They also send out some very short surveys which are rewarded with Bonus Bond vouchers. Not currently recruiting, but it is worth checking here from time to time.

Pinecone Research: This is predominantly a survey company, albeit one of the highest paying ones.  Sometimes they will send out a product to trial after you complete one of their surveys and you will get another £3 for filling in the follow up survey. I have received a variety of products including crisps, juice and floor wipes from them. It is an invite only panel.

Senses Club: Is a French company that focus on scents and flavours. They conduct surveys that used to be very lengthy and tedious, but have improved considerably in the last couple of years and are rewarded quite generously with Amazon or Debenhams vouchers. I have had two £50 payments from them this year for about 10 mins work each time, answering questions about my washing machine use. Occasionally they send out products to trial and so far this year I have received fabric conditioner, floor cleaner and shampoos. They are not currently looking for new panellists, but is worth keeping an eye on this page.

Beauty Bible: As you may have guessed by the name, this company specialises in beauty products. If you are fortunate enough to be the right fit and make it to the top of their waiting list you will be emailed a short questionnaire so that they can tailor  your package according to your skin type, hair length etc. They are quite unusual in the sense that they ask for a £30 contribution – but it is totally worth it, as you will usually receive over £100’s worth of goodies. Apply here to join their waiting list.

Amazon Vine: Last, but certainly not least comes the much coveted Amazon Vine Programme. It is not possible to apply for this – the only way in is by leaving some well written and informative product reviews on things you have purchased on Amazon. If you do make it onto the programme, you will get to pick from a variety of products that have been listed to review, which can vary greatly in value.

Do you do any product testing? Would love to hear your comments on this!