Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5

Even though it is designed for men, I was delighted to receive this razor in the post from Wilkinson Sword. In the belief that men’s razors are perfectly adequate (not to mention a lot cheaper!) to shave my legs and underarm areas, I have been using them for years. I had heard about Wilkinson’s new ‘hydrating gel reservoir’ and was curious about trying it out. This new technology replaces the ‘lube strip’ which has never really worked for me in the past – I have found that after the first couple of uses the lube strip has got soggy then melted away and I have ended up using shaving cream anyway. I have been using this razor for a month now and am pleased to report that so far the gel reservoir is still dispensing gel (when activated by water) and I have not needed to use any shaving cream yet. It also promises to deliver less than 40% friction than a lube strip and so far I have noted that the razor glides easily over my skin and does irritate my skin at all.

The razor itself is very sleek looking and feels light in my hand but sturdy enough to be able to get a good grip and navigate it easily. The blade is a bit narrower than I am used to, which perplexed me a little at first but I have noticed that this ensures that my skin does not get dragged by the blade and also means that it is easier to shave hard to reach areas  – as an additional feature, the gel reservoir can be flipped back so that the blade’s head can reach these smaller areas effortlessly.

I applied for a free trial of this razor through this link: http://www.hydro5trial.com/ (available until 26/06/17). The conditions stipulate that in order to receive the razor, applicants must be “a. not be a current user of a Wilkinson Sword Hydro Razor, B. be over 18 years of age, and c. resident in the UK”. Alternatively, it can be purchased here.